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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Colonization and the Colours of His Majesty; Emperor Haile Selassie I

At the horn of Africa there is a country called Ethiopia. Some say this is the only land in Africa that was never colonized. Emperor Haile Selassie was a direct descendant of the Biblical king Solomon and Queen of Sheba[I Kings Chapter 10, Verses 1] [II Chronicles Chapter 9, Verses 1]. She tried to test his divine Wisdom but Solomon (a perverted king) ended up using his wisdom to take advantage of her. . .

The story goes that the Queen of Sheba begged Solomon not to touch her and Solomon agreed under the condition that she would not touch anything in his palace. It was an oath of some sort. You see, Her Majesty was just coming from a long journey and later felt testy. She asked her Host (king Solomon) to please give her water to drink and he refused reminding her of the oath saying that she would have to drink from his cup. Anyway; to cut long story short, she later freed him of the oath and he did the same. She had her water and he had his way and the result was that she became pregnant and gave him a son. Twelve generation later; Emperor Haile SelassieI was born. I don’t really know much about His Majesty so I would live that alone. Anyway; His real name was Ras Tafari M. Does it sound familiar? Yeah! The God of the Rastafarian. I love Rasta’s but I don’t worship Selassie nevertheless, I still respect His Majesty (He was very intelligent and was one of the greatest speakers that ever lived). And as the scriptures says; ‘Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. For God, Honour the Emperor’ [I Peter Chapter 2 Verses 6-7]

Above is a photo of three of my Oil paintings called Selassia Tri(20.0x17.5 inches) May 2008. I would try to explain the symbolism of the colors starting from your left to right:

Africa SELASSIA TRI (African Version): The symbolic colors of Red (blood), Green ( land), Yellow (gold), Black (people). When put together, it looks militant and resolute...

Unity SELASSIA TRI (Unity Version): Black and White. As Emperor Haile Selassie said, 'we must overcome our petty prejudices, even if the weight of history is heavy, owing our ultimate dedication or allegiance not to any nation or country, but to our fellow men within the human community and become member of a new race, the true race: the human race.'
West SELASSIA TRI (Western Version): Red, White and Blue are the colors found in the French, Great Britain, and American flags. These nation and Potugal colonized Africa. Red, White, and Blue are found in the costume of Superman and one of these nation is the world superpower. If you look closely, you would discover that the image kind of looks like Santa Claus... That is how some Africans see these nations (as father Christmas and his aid).
Ethiopia is the only African country that was not colonized

The Artwork is for sale at:

Ifeka Terry.

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