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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Michael Jackson, Monstar Sacred.

The above is an image of Michael Jackson. I watched on the television as Gregory Peck called him that name ‘Monstar Sacred’. His live-performances looks like animations. He even looks virtual so the name fits him indeed (he bounds his soul into his music) and I have always loved his works from my high school years...
The photo you see above is a collage meaning I gummed little pieces of paper together to produce the image you see. Coated in fine-thin plastic making it look like a mosaic on Card-board paper (40 x 43 2/5 inches) 2005. Accompanied by an Aluminum Frame (silver color) custom made.... The artwork feels like crocodiles skin and is strong like it too (unlike another, really sacred in nature). Everything about this artwork is 100% hand made. Avalble for sale at:

Ife’ka Terry.

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