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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chief Alamieyeseigha

His name sounds like the magical spell of a witch. He is a real-life cowboy. The present Vice president of Nigeria was his deputy governor. He was a British citizen while in power and was arrested for money laundry but escaped and returned to his state dressed as a woman (I guess the Scotland Yard has never met a real cowboy before)… His greatest mistake was the sin of arrogance. He felt arrogant enough to return to the government house after escaping from Britain and was arrested by the Nigerian Police. When a mad cow get loss, you equally send a mad man to catch it. He is in jail and lost all his assets and respect. Some say he got into trouble because he was no friend of the ‘Bigboys’ (political god-fathers+)…

Character is better than gold….

The hat is a way of dressing by the elite men of Niger-Delta. I drew this portrait from an actual photograph of his…

Ife’ka Terry.

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