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Monday, September 7, 2009

Mental Roommate

This is a kind of portrait but it is the combination of two (2) faces forming one. If you take a look at the second image above. The one covered up with red, you would now notice a skull image. If you observe the image without the red cover, and the other dark image at the right of the screen is a side view of a head.

INTERPRETATION: The dark image at the right of your screen is a shadow life-form whispering in the ears of the second person that has consequently turned into a dry skeleton.

There are two (2) parts to everyone:
The human part and
The Devine part

For some people, the Divine part is of God and for others, it is of Satan. Here, I show what would happen to those whose divine part has been taken over by the Shadow being.

Ife’ka Terry

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