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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Computer Glitch ~ Hindrance To Blogging

An unfortunate incident happened recently.

While my computer was shutting-down, the POWER went out (I live in Africa so electricity supply is unstable).

This caused my computer-system to crash. I tried to restore it but it did not work. The only option left was to format it (wipe clean the memory).

So I have lost some important documents including;
¤ Manuscripts for my updated websites (hours of re-design/template, photographic works, editing & write-ups),
¤ Irreplaceable pictures
¤ ebooks,
¤ PDF files
¤ and a few MP3
It was frustrating and painful because, it took me years to have those collections.

I'm almost depressed but not as bad as April 2011 when some bandits stole my notebook (mini laptop). I have been using an old fashion desktop + mobile phone ever since.

Tomorrow, I'm going to an internet cafe to download a lot of softwares set-up on my flash-drive. I need them to properlly use my system again.

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