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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ballpoint Pen Drawing - Art Movement & Artist

This is the pen sketch of the week. To see many picture of me drawing with a pen, please visit my other blog dedicated to this type of medium. It's at

Drawing with a pen/ink has become an art-movement in the eyes of most ballpen-artist. So, If that is true, then I am also (in one way or the other) a part of 'Art History' because, It all started in the same century (100 years).

They are some people who are trying to 'cave a name for themselves' by editing Wikipidia pages of 'Ballpoint Pen Art' (inserting themselves)... We are in the *information/digital age*. If anyone is really interested in "Ballpoint Pen Art History And It's Origin", that person would search well and beyond Wikipidia.

We all know that if civilisation continues the way its going, hard-copy textbooks might go extinct... YEAH, JUST LIKE PHYSICAL ART MIGHT ONE DAY BE AS HISTORICAL AS AN OLD BENIN BRASS HEAD.

Nowadays, ordinary amateur YouTube video are capable of inciting an international uprising (that refuse to die off). An oblivious individual is able to build a website that MIGHT get a million hit (yes, it rarely happens). 

We are in a age where (for example); you read an article that say smoking is unhealthy and another one pointing out the benefits of smoking (and when I say smoking I am talking about pot)

Just for the records, I know ballpoint pen would "live on" but just like anyother type of mediun like pencil.

Thanks you reading, please remember that the website is
Have a Great Tuesday!

Ife'ka Terry



  1. Smoking is unhealthy but bic pen drawing is cool and way better than printed arts.. :)

    1. It is true, even smoker knows that smoking is unhealthy (the occasional chest pain). Bic pen is pretty cool as an art material that can be found almost everywhere (like banks, schools, streets, homes and so on).

      Thanks for the comment (I appreciate it).

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  3. I've employed these markers on many different projects and they are as bold and useful as the first time they jumped out of the box. Best 3D Pens


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