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Thursday, November 29, 2012

After 6 weeks break, behold a sketch.

On today (29th November 2012), I ended my 6 weeks blogging 'strike' with a photo of a miniature figurative pen sketch

Until today, I haven't publish anything on the blog since October and this is due to the fact that I have been extremely busy. In fact, I nolonger answer my phone calls after 4pm. (because, it is mostly someone trying to encroach into my tight schedule, or one of my many fair-weather-friends trying to 'borrow' money they intend NOT to pay back).

I'm not only on a tight schedule, I am also on a tight budget...

So, the things I suppose to pay someone to do for me, I end up doing it myself because I can't afford the service of a hired professional. So, after closing from my days-job, I would still have a 'truck-load' of domestic works to complete.

Anyway, the above sketch was not made in my studio, but was actually drawn at my working place (office). To see the source of inspiration for this drawing, please follow this link:

Thanks for reading through. I had to publish this post quickly because my phone battery is low and would soon off. Cheers!

Ife'ka Terry

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