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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Enough with the mourning (over being kicked out of school)

After reviewing my blog posts and noticing numerous typographical and grammar errors (combined with the idea that gaining a new skill in computer science might improve my life or increase my chance of earning more money), I decided I would go back to school and even expressed my intensions 4 years ago on the short blog post about the endless possibilities in a single moment. Although it wasn’t the school I had hoped for, nevertheless I got admitted into a university the following year of publishing that post (after scoring a good grade at the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board UTM-Exams).

The ONLY reason I go to school is for 'the paper'. I prefer studying privately when hungry for knowlage.

For the next two years; I occupied myself with the struggle to acquire a formal higher education. Unfortunately my venture was unsuccessful.

If I had the chance, I would have completed my program (despite my inability to adapt to the unconducive school-environment), but I had to terminate the program because I 'crossed the path' of a village egotistical maniac who masquerade himself as a US professor. That is how I left a school with a ‘good’ reputation with some raw experience... During this whole period, I was unable to make a single artwork. I found it difficult to make art in an environment that I dread. Studying was difficult too as I was always sick and unhappy there. I endured the hardship because I hoped that the end-result was worth it. I was oblivious to the inevitable event that would shatter my ambition. All this are part of life, you occasionally meet incompetent people in position of authority. In my case, I came across a man with the blemished character of a street thug, who was occupying the position of an academician (fake intellectual).

One year after the event, I still think about it before I sleep and it’s the first thing on my mind when I wake up (I can’t help but think about it). Honestly, I am sad about this frustration.

But I would try again (I would fight the invisible resistance and not give up my academic pursuit for a narcissistic fake-man). Ironically, just as my 4 years old post 'prophecied', one incident did change my plans but the goals remains the same. Enough with the mourning!

I am also disapointed that I never materialised the other goal in the post which is; to blog on a daily bases. I quit my job resently so may be I could start working on the second goal while planing the first.

Thank you for visiting and reading through.

I'm Still;
Ife'ka Terry

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  1. In my country, the youths are indoctrinated into believing that the only way to success is through the university. Many desperate undergraduate are willing to kiss the behind of a lecturer if he demands it (literally speaking). This has made many professors and lecturers to see themselves as demi-gods and are willing to do their worst if a student upsets them. This could come as failing the student or if they have administrative privileges, suspension or expulsion. Its quite common.


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