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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Today; I learnt a new digital art skill via Youtube!

I came across a video while on Youtube about How to create art with the Pen-tool on Photoshop. I watched it twice and after seeing it, I knew what I had to do and followed the process (model, skin, shadow, black, white and background).

Well, I currently can’t afford Photoshop and after I upgraded my system, CoralDraw stopped working and is demanding I update to premium. So I utilized the alternative which is a free program called Inkscape 0.91 and this is the end result:

My first attempt

I later used the knowledge I got from another video months ago, to blend the image as follow:

photoshop cartoon leason on youtube
'Finished' digital work!

Who u epp?is a very common Pigeon-English phrase in Nigeria. It is similar to ‘I don’t give a damn’ or ‘it doesn’t concern me’.

It was exciting.

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