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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Nothing to write home about ~ Procrastinating blogging about my art

Today I managed to post something after many months of unplanned sabbatical.

I cannot believe how time has passed. In fact, it is 2 weeks shy of being exactly a year since I last published something on this blog. Part of the reasons was that, I haven’t been motivated to make art. Since there wasn’t any studio creation, there is nothing to write home about (literally speaking).

Had it not been for the social media Art Challenge made by the Artist Roxanne Vise, I wouldn’t have published “The two mediums Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo couldn't master” back in May on Medium. My mind soon reset back to not writing as I was ‘exhausted’ after one post.

I am too experienced to give excuses but let me just say, I was distracted by the rat-race… on second thought, I would like to blame the devil for not making me blog, the devil is totally responsible for my silence and not me. 😕 😈

Thanks for reading through.

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