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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The $7 worthwhile 'investment' I made in art vlogging

This is not just an ordinary accessory but a ‘dream come true’.

I live in a big town (big in the African perspective), but occasionally, there are somethings I cannot find in the shops. I remember going to many big mobile phone accessories shops and asking for a phone-stand but all of the retailers looked at me like am crazy (because they couldn’t understand what I was asking for and didn’t have it after I showed them internet images of the item)… It reminds me of a time in 2008 when I actually bought the last canvas in town as all the art supply store didn’t have any and all the artist studio had use up all of theirs. I was going from studio to studio begging artist to sell a yard of canvas and they all confessed to not have (that was 2008).

So today, I finally got this selfie phone-stand which would make it easy for me to Vlog and even shoot live creative studio sessions. For those of us that don’t know, video is the next revolution in social media and online publicity. I recently noticed that a 10 minutes live video often get more out reach than a single post on FaceBook (because the website in their attempt to encourage interaction, sends notifications that a live video-event is on).

In due time, after I have saved up, I would get studio (photographic) lights, a more professional stand, microphone and even a camera. But for now, I would make use of what I have (which is more than enough to transmit my messages).

I immediately put it to work and have made my first ever Vlog post. As Brian Tracy would say, small adjustments can make a huge difference (the winning EDGE could literally just be an inch, meaning the difference between the 1st and 2nd in a race could just be am inch defence). Here, a $7
accessory (I bought online) was the difference.

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