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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Can't post on Nairaland ~ Banned?

I tried to help someone with an answer to a question (I don’t know why I didn’t mind my business) and I got banned by the antispam bot from posting anything on Nairaland. Right now, I can NOT reply to any thread on Nairaland neither can I start a topic for the next hour. However they have kicked me out of the Art, Graphics & Video section of the forum for the next 3 days. I hail my Nigerian countrymen for stumping on me.

After I did a search to find out what was going on, I learnt that I could view the reasons for the ban by going to my profile page. That was when I saw the below message. This is a post who had (at that time) less than 14 views. Obviously their algorithm is faulty or someone is pulling my legs. So based on the message; I am not allowed to post on that page for the next few days. At least until Sunday Night. 

I created 11 topics in 8 years and was still banned for spamming

I am going to check back later in an hour time to see if I am allowed to post on other categories and maybe I would publish my cartoons on the political section of the website. I know this isn’t a good sign for the algorithm to view me as a spam, that implies that my post would be promoted less (when all I try to do is ethically promote my YouTube channel while adding value to the Art section that isn’t very active).

Each video I published took me at least an hours to shoot and edit but I am not allowed to share it on a section that is in great need of fresh contents? I am not even targeting the unresponsive people in the Art, Graphics & Video category, I am targeting traffic from people coming from Google search-results, because the Search Engine favours the website when ranking search results (so I am bringing in new traffic to the website and only getting a tiny fraction to my website).

Anyway, no need to focus on the negatives because I would be allowed to post again, eventually.

The funny thing is; at the start of this year, I intended on posting daily on Nairaland and even blog about it, but I have been too busy at work and was unable to do so. I think in the past 24 days, I published 3 topics, which is less than a topic a week (so the ban was uncalled for). It makes me wonder what would have happened had I post every day as planned.

Once the ban is lifted, I would troll the moderators to let them know it’s not cool.

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